Coir industry is one of the imperative bungalow enterprises in India contributing essentially to the production of vocation in significant coconut developing states and Union domains i.e. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Orissa, Assam, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep, and Pondicherry. Coir fiber is the crude material of the business and amid the extraction procedure, coir pith is produced in vast amounts of waste. In Kerala, the coir business exists since 1859 and coir fiber extraction was predominant from that point forward. Coir pith was dumped in the earth around the extraction units as immense hillocks which possess huge land space making contamination issues. The fare of coir fiber gets a remote trade of over Rs. 200 crores for each annum for India. It frames a noteworthy portion of the town and little enterprises division regarding generation and works giving in provincial territories to the financially weaker segments of the population.

The coir area gives work to more than five lakh family units in Kerala alone, the greater part being ladies occupied with the extraction and turning of coir fiber to yarn.Since the coir segment improvement adds to the feasible advancement plan and furthermore the making of condition well-disposed items, its application for residential utilize and furthermore in lodging, building, agribusiness, and framework improvement are huge. The total populace is winding up increasingly cognizant about the need of saving the nature and an expanding number of individuals are selecting earth amicable items.


This is the perfect time to advance the instance of coir to supplant manufactured furniture and certain wooden building materials.It is subsequently critical that a noteworthy aggregate activity must be taken up to advance the reason for coir by distinguishing the push ranges prompting a quantum hop in coir part improvement. There is a requirement for better collaboration in the coir exercises by adjusting a two-dimensional technique for the improvement of the coir business in India. While in the territory of Kerala, the procedure supports the current laborers and give them work for more number of days and for different States, need to make extra business changes to the coir specialists by setting up of more units in the field of extraction of coir fiber, yarn, and products. An extensive variety of coir and coir items are devoured in the nation including the coir yarn, ropes, mats, mattings, rubber treated coir items, sleeping pads, pads, pads, coir Geo materials, coir pith, floor coverings, covers and twisted coir.